Most of us love our parents. I said “most” because some do not have good parents or there might not be a healthy relationship between them. Being a parent is not just contributing to creating a life, it is more about upbringing the child and teaching them what is needed for survival. Most people are... Continue Reading →



We see so many relationship goals nowadays and just want to be like them. There is so much misconception about relationships that we make us disappointed for not doing up to a certain level. A relationship does not have to be in a certain way, it can be whatever we want, whatever makes us comfortable.... Continue Reading →

Letter to a friend

Dear friend, There is so much I wish to tell you but I also do not wish to burden you with all the things that are not specifically your concern. There was a time I would have told you everything without a second thought and now I ponder over it so much. It’s not your... Continue Reading →


Equality does not necessarily mean being equal, it also means be treated equally by not comparing. There are so many discussions going on about gender equality, women being equal to men. I don’t believe that there can be any fair comparison between different genders or even individuals. There are so many different traits of every... Continue Reading →


There are times when we choose the invisibility around our loved ones, whether to see their reaction or to get an insight about own reactions. And sometimes because its our nature, maybe it feels like this.....

Lady’s love

When a women loves you from her heart, nobody can change that and all the jealousy and insecurity is unnecessary. But if a woman can nurture you, she can destroy you. She can be your heaven or hell. Never choose a lady as opponent.      


Sometimes you are not sure of about your feelings, it seems like love or maybe its just a special bond. It's your decision whatever you want to call it because feeling can't be defined.

The letter

Some letters are never sent because they held too much truth and vulnerability.They contain emotions we are too afraid to speak aloud. The letter to someone who comes before anyone else.

Highly Functional depression

Many people assume that depression and highly functional depression is the same thing but this is not true. It is more difficult to detect  highly functional depression because the person suffering from this condition, behave almost normally in the front, but deep down they are having a mental and emotional war with themselves. Having a... Continue Reading →

Something To Know About Depression

Depression is not only a mental illness but it also affects our physical health. It has many aspects related to it. We may not fully understand about depression as the person who suffers from it but that doesn't mean that we can't help them in their condition. It can be caused by many reasons and... Continue Reading →


Many of us do not think that silence is a powerful method of expression. People says that words hurt more than sword but I think silence hurts the most, whether it is expressed by us or towards us. When someone hurts us, we tend to be angry or upset about it so, we argue or... Continue Reading →

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