The second memory of you

It was our first meeting. It changed things for both of us because I was not prepared for you and you were too prepared for us.

The second memory of you:

I didn’t know, an act of kindness will lead you to me.

I didn’t realize the effect it will make on us.

I saw the confusion, surprise and relief in your eyes

When you saw me,

Or maybe it was a reflection of mine.

Then you told me what I was not prepared to know.

Maybe it was too much for be me or

Probably it was too soon.

You were so straightforward and certain,

Which I never dared to be.

It shook me.

More than I would like to admit.

You weren’t wrong, but

Neither was I.

You knew then that I need time.

You gave it willingly but still determined.

I still admired you but the shock had clouded my thoughts.

Even then you understood me.

Understanding and certainty are the second memories of you.


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