About Me

This is just a random post about myself, who and what I am as a person. There is not much information about myself on social media platforms or the website. So here we are.

I don’t know if anyone wants to know these things or not but let’s go with the positive one. I am not shy as a person but I don’t share my personal things to most of the people, not even to most of my friends. They do know me as a friend but I don’t let them completely in.

I am still not very comfortable sharing these blogs and quotes because its personal for me. There are so many things I write that I do not post. It feels to close to home. I don’t know if I am that courageous enough to share all my thoughts. It feels very personal.

There are some people that are so soft, open, honest and strong. I cannot not admire them. They are the reason I will try harder to be more open and honest with my writings and myself. I am trying to be able to do it and I will try harder until I reach that point. Being that vulnerable is not easy, to share your fears, insecurities and moments with so many strangers. But I am trying to reach there.

I am open to your questions and pieces of advice.


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