We should let everyone make their own choice. We perceive that some things might hurt our loved ones then we make the choice for them thinking it is better for them not to know about those things.

We can be wrong in presuming that it might hurt them, or they will not forgive us. Even if these are true, it’s still their choice. In the fear of hurting them or getting hurt by them, we take the choice from them to decide how they feel about those things.

If they love you, it is their right to know about you, even if it is something they don’t approve of. The things we are afraid to share with our loved ones bring us closer and help them understand what we are going through. How much it is affecting us.

Don’t let the fear makes you distant from the most important people who are ready to help you and care about you. Take your time and tell them when you feel comfortable but make sure you don’t push them away just because you thought it is not a good idea. At least give them some hints, so they an idea about the situation.

Don’t assume their reaction based on your emotions. Trust them enough to make their own choice.


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