That feeling

We all get excited when we meet someone. We get nervous about an upcoming event, sad about leaving a loved place. All those feelings are about what things or places we have known in our life. But there is also a feeling for unknown, like feeling about things or places you have never visited or ever known in your life till date.

Thinking about a place that might not exist or a person we haven’t met. Those things make us feel more than we ever felt. Feeling like there is someone we need to meet because you know they will be very important to you or a place which may change your whole life. Such feeling not only makes us look forward to the future but also builds certain anxiety about things. Like what if this is not true?

I believe if there is someone with a strong connection with you, you will know that feeling and it gets so intense sometimes that you miss a person or the place. It feels like searching home without knowing the address. Knowing what is inside the home and what it might look like, but without the location. Not having an idea what to do or where to go but needing to have it, yearning to be there, aching to know something that can bring you closer to that home.

If you feel this intensely then believe that there is something waiting for you somewhere. Have faith in yourself and this connection.


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