Those Moments

There are those moments when we are too vulnerable and weak to care about what others think. We just need someone to lean on and comfort us when it’s too difficult to handle. The strongest person can have weak moments too, they might not show it often but you need to look beyond the facade and make them see that everybody is not going to hurt them and they can trust someone and let someone in.

And then there are few moments that you know, will break the friendship or a relation. You feel the exact moment and realize that this is that moment. After that moment you know its over and still, you try if there is a chance if you can at least be connected with them.

And there are somewhere we love that moment and know we are going to miss it when its over. Like you just know that this is the best moments of your life and nothing can compare to this. Having people, you love and just being with them, not having a care what others think.

These moments help us find who we are and what we want and cherish.


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