Those we call friends

We all have friends for sharing emotions, having fun, getting coffee or doing gossips. Sometimes we overestimate that friendship and expect more than they can offer. We try to build more friendship than what they are capable of giving us. Some people can’t offer what we want or need. For some people friendship means fun and party, for some, it means loyalty and understanding. With every person the definition of the friendship changes. We expect them to have the same definition of friendship and it causes friction between the friends. Whatever the reasons might be, we should have some respect for other person’s feeling and their decision. There are too many friendships that have teared up because they lost the communication and understanding part of it.

And if there is anyone who is disrespectful to you at more than one time then you should cut them out. The person who cost you the peace of mind and makes yourself doubt is not healthy. It might hurt to let them go now but it will hurt later on. Friends should help to get better, not bring you down.

Be mindful of those you call friends, some make you feel lighter and some make it heavier than before.


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