Missing Parts

Have you ever felt that when we give our love to so many people, it does exhaust us to some extent? Loving people is not an easy task, it needs courage, wiliness to get hurt and being vulnerable to someone else. We love everyone differently as we connect differently with different people. We give a piece of heart to every one person we love, like giving a part of ourselves to them.

That missing parts may not always feel like a void but you always can tell when that person carries you within them. It is not a bad thing to give your love to the people around you because they do the same for you.

What I hate about missing, is that I do not know what I miss or who I miss. When It happens, it leaves a terrible ache in the heart without knowing the cause or solution. It feels terrified to know that I miss something that I do not even know exists. That feeling of missing out something or someone that could mean everything to me but it also creates a curiosity for that special someone or thinking that they might also feel incomplete without us and to finally realize what feels like “home”.

It’s okay to give some part of our love to others, they might not deserve it but they probably need it the most. They might have hurt us but there must be something we loved about them in the first place to let them in our lives and be thankful for the happy memories even if that person is not bringing happiness in our life anymore.



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