Don’t Vocalize Everything

Today everyone feels the need to vocalize their thoughts on everything, like it is their fundamental right. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but you don’t have to share that with other people. Social media is giving many people a chance to grow and learn something without putting themselves out, but it also gives some people an opportunity to comments on something which is none of their business.

If you have nothing good to comments or share, please don’t do it. So many of us already degrade ourselves on daily basis, we don’t need external hatred or harsh comments. The truth is everyone is going through something at some point and even if they are at their happiest moment, negative comments or calling them out for not sharing same thoughts and values is not a maturity. If you are entitled to your opinion, then so are they.

Please do not encourage negative comments. If you do not share the same thought as the other person, don’t comment. If you want to share some knowledge that you think they might have misunderstood, then do it nicely and politely.

Words hurt. More than you can imagine. A single comment that you think might not be that harsh can also be hurtful to the receiver. You don’t know their life, you do not know their struggles or pains. You might not know if it is a sensitive topic and they just needed to let it out.

Practice compassion and if you are at the receiving end of such comments then please stay always from those people and focus on the ones that are encouraging you and standing beside you.

If you cannot share positivity, do not feed the negativity.



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