Most of us love our parents. I said “most” because some do not have good parents or there might not be a healthy relationship between them. Being a parent is not just contributing to creating a life, it is more about upbringing the child and teaching them what is needed for survival.

Most people are good parents. Parenting is like life, it does not come with guidelines and every parent have to create their own method. To the children, their parents are their world, at least till they go in the real world and starts to gain experiences.

For a certain time when the child is fully dependent on parents, it makes the parents habituated to be the controller of their child’s life and decisions. They need to understand when it is time to let them make their own decision, whether it is a mistake or achievement. Parents need to understand that they can’t be right every single time, their experiences might not be applied to today’s generation. The environment is drastically changed in the last decade, things are not the same.

Being a parent does not mean that your advice is better than your children’s opinion. Parents do mistakes, everyone does. When you want your child to follow your advice, you tell them to do it because you said it and parents are always right. When they grow up as an adult and know that you have done some mistake that you should not have done or something you are not proud of. The excuse is that you are human, not a god.

At first, parents want their children to think of them as god and then when they do something wrong, they give the excuse of being a human. Just behave like a parent not a god because you are not. Being yourself and teaching your child is good but do not force them to follow everything you say or do. Children do not follow your words, they follow your example. Say sorry when you are wrong, being older is not an excuse. Be firm when necessary but with politeness.

Loving someone is not an excuse to disrespect, manipulate or demean them. Even if you are their parents.


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