We see so many relationship goals nowadays and just want to be like them. There is so much misconception about relationships that we make us disappointed for not doing up to a certain level. A relationship does not have to be in a certain way, it can be whatever we want, whatever makes us comfortable. There is no particular way of making a relationship perfect. Why does it have to be perfect? Just so we can boast about it? We need to understand that it is far more crucial to be happy and comfortable in a relationship than anything else. Just like everyone has their own like, dislike, their definition of perfect is also different. It should be what makes both the partner comfortable, it should be flexible enough to change as per the needs of the partners. It always changes as the person and circumstances changes, as they grow as an individual and a couple. Everybody has a different expectation of the relationship, some want it playful and some want it mature.

Every failed relationship not only changes the person but also their expectation of it. A healthy relationship always makes us want to be a better person and a bad one teaches us what we do not want in a relationship.

We should always be truthful and loyal in a relationship. If the foundation is not strong, it would not survive the up and downs of the life. Get to know the person, be their friend first then anything else. If you can’t be friends with someone, you can’t be comfortable enough to share the problems. The most crucial thing is to never make your partner jealous or insecure. It makes them question the relation which is not a good thing. Make them feel secure.

We often do not tell our partners how much they mean to us, just because of not wanting to seem desperate. Telling someone that you love them does not make you desperate, it makes you worthy, it shows that you really want to be with your partner. Don’t withhold your feeling, show them how happy they make you and how much you appreciate them. Showing appreciation to loved ones also makes them happy so why not do it often?

A relationship is always between the partners, not the whole world. Shape it how you like it, not what others want to see. Respect yours and your partner’s decision more than a stranger’s opinion.  


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