Letter to a friend

Dear friend,

There is so much I wish to tell you but I also do not wish to burden you with all the things that are not specifically your concern. There was a time I would have told you everything without a second thought and now I ponder over it so much.

It’s not your fault that you want to chase your dreams and be the person you always wished to be. We are just too different to think alike but we will always be in each other life. Both of us know we are really important to each other and it will never change even if we get new people in our life but there is still some insecurity, jealousy and possessiveness for each other.

It’s like being two ends of the same road that is never close enough and drifting away, that never spilt but also never unite. I want to pull apart from you so that it wouldn’t hurt but not being able to see is not something I can do and you would also not pull away.

I hate that I love you so much; I forgive you even if you are not sorry; I give excuses for your behaviour and still, you would not notice it. We have two different perspectives of this relation and I am not strong enough to convince you of my outlook. You do not wish to acknowledge the truth of our circumstances and I do not wish to force you to it.


Soon-to-be invisible friend


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