Equality does not necessarily mean being equal, it also means be treated equally by not comparing. There are so many discussions going on about gender equality, women being equal to men. I don’t believe that there can be any fair comparison between different genders or even individuals.

There are so many different traits of every gender, why compare them? How can we compare them? Comparisons are possible when the parameter for judging is same or if the characteristics are same. Different genders have their own characteristics, their own strength, their own problems. I do believe that all the fields should be open to all the genders but as a person, we have certain instincts and areas that we are genetically specialized in.

And it does not make us weak or less capable, it just makes us different from each other. We don’t compare pen with paper because they can’t be compared but they are equally useful for us. The roles of gender are similar to pen and paper, different but equally important and being respected for that.

If anyone wants to do something, they should do it because they want to, not because they want to be compared. Do it for yourself not for comparing or proving anyone else.

Being equal does not mean doing same things, it means doing different things and get acknowledged, appreciated and respected equally.


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