Something To Know About Depression

Depression is not only a mental illness but it also affects our physical health. It has many aspects related to it. We may not fully understand about depression as the person who suffers from it but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help them in their condition.

It can be caused by many reasons and it can also cause many other mental health issues which worsen this condition. The person suffering from depression perceives the situation differently from normal people. It doesn’t make them incapable, it just makes them different. It also make being socially active is little more difficult and people tends to avoid their friends and family to avoid being seen as a mental sufferer.

To all the people who are friends with someone having depression should try to understand their situation and help them through it. When suffering from depression, people get anxious about themselves and people around them but it might really not the case.

Friends and family plays an important role in identifying the symptoms and reducing the depression. It does change some things in their behaviour but it does not change them as a person. They are the same person you have been friends with, cared about or  loved. It makes them doubt about themselves and whether they are accepted by their loved ones or not.

The best thing we can do for them is to accept them. Accept that we can’t help them all the times and sometimes all we can do is hold them tightly and let them go through their emotions and tell them we still care about the same and we always will, depression or not, it doesn’t change the dynamic of our relation with them.

Nobody understands what the other person goes through, but we must do what we can do to make it more tolerable for them. Most of the time, what people need the most is someone being there for them, even if they can’t do anything about it. Least of all we must be understanding and compassionate about such condition.   


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