Many of us do not think that silence is a powerful method of expression. People says that words hurt more than sword but I think silence hurts the most, whether it is expressed by us or towards us.

When someone hurts us, we tend to be angry or upset about it so, we argue or tell them that they have hurt us but there are certain boundaries that decides our response to our that person. When someone or the person that is close to us, hurts us or cross that last boundary, we don’t know how to express it. That person was supposed to be your friend, your inner circle who knows you for certainly a long time. If that person hurts us then the only response that we can give is our silence.

It is often said that when people care about you, they argue with you but when the same person do not argue, it means they no longer care about you.

You may not notice these simple changes immediately but when you will realize, it will be too late to mend that situation. Silence is the last option that is chosen when you have hurt them beyond their thinking. They might talk to you politely about normal things but for any personal discussion or important matter, the only response you will get is silence or a shrug.

Silence hurts beyond words, maybe that’s why it named as  silence – absence of words or speech . The indifference towards you will hurt too much and you might get frustrated about this kind of behaviour but the only you are responsible for this situation.

When we say something to others in anger, frustration or depression, they still hurts and we should consider their feeling and sentiments. Just because we are in foul mood, doesn’t mean we should also spoil theirs. They may not tell this to your face but when you are receiving the silent treatment from someone, you must have hurt them badly.

Never ever use your words crudely to the people around you. Your words may  hurt them but their silence  will hurt you and it will also affect to the people interrelated to both of you.



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