Understanding the relation :part 3

Emotions are very complex to understand. It varies depending on the time, place, people or situations around us. We feel connected to others due to the emotions. It binds us to other people. Being in relation with someone means investing your emotions in them and have similar expectations from them.

Our emotions emerges from our perspective and our situations, similarly other’s emotion emerges from their point of view. The diversity of these emotions may sometimes cause a problem within that relation but it does not mean that one of  them is wrong or right. Both of them are right in their own way. When we ask someone a question or want to share something, we expect some response and when they do not give similar response to our expectation, we get confuse about how to feel about it. Its about the perspective.

Emotional support is very important in any given relation, when we are low or going through rough phase, we tend to search for emotional and moral support. Happiness, sadness, confidence, being angry, being paranoid etc. are all emotions.

It not only affect our mental being but also our physical being. Good or positive emotions affects positively on our being and vise versa in regard to negative emotions. Suppressing the emotion also cause a negative effect on our well being. It reduces our capability to properly do any work or the ability to focus on the important tasks.

Emotions are meant to be expressed. When these emotions are expressed properly, it gives the other person some knowledge about your thinking and understanding. It makes easier to communicate and understand each other. Nothing good comes from suppressing the emotions, it only result in feeling frustrated and confused.

Know your emotions and express them to your loved ones, they will appreciate this and it will also helps in making the bond stronger.



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