Understanding the relation :part 2

This  part focuses on the key of relationship that is  communication. As we all know that the most important aspect in a relation is communication, so we will be discussing the communication part of the relation. There is also a concept of miscommunication which will be included in the this part of this blog as they are interconnected with each other.

Do you know why communication is so important in every relation of our life be it social, personal or professional? It is important because communication is a way of expressing ourselves, our thoughts and presenting them and also giving the other person a chance to do the same. Characteristics such as words , body language, timber, tone of the voice, expressions are responsible for both communication and miscommunication.

What you say? how you say it? In which way you say it, also compute to the understanding of the other person. All these things greatly affect what we want to express and may be misunderstood sometimes.

Generally, when we conflict or had a disagreement with someone, we stop talking to them or communicating with them rather than solving the issue. This is the main reason that is responsible for spoiling the relations between the people and mostly when this happens some third person may add  to the misunderstanding or create a wreak between the them.

Relationship needs a lot of work. Even when there is some disagreement, communication should not be stopped. Listen to the other person and try to understand what they want, then explain them your point of view and make suitable adjustments from both the sides.

Sometimes people do not communicate due to the fear of rejection or being misunderstood. There are also some people who talk but do not communicate, talking and communicating both are different. Talking requires one person but communicating requires at least two persons. People do not realize when they do not communicate , just talk.

Understand that whether you are talking or communicating. Most of the relationships these days fail due to lack of communication or plenty of miscommunication. Miscommunication occurs when you fail to express the things you wanted to express, which happens mostly due to the tone of voice, the way of saying or using wrong words.

So before lashing on your loved ones, express yourself properly and listen to them properly.



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