Understanding Relations :part 1

Part 1: Respect

In our whole life, we build many relations and they are an important part of our life, we depend on relations for social, mental and emotional support. These relations binds our family, culture and society.  There are many aspect of understanding our relations with others. In this part, the respect aspect between relations will be discussed.

For a healthy relationship with someone, we need to have some basic knowledge about them. Accepting someone with all of their qualities is a huge part of building a long term relation. As I mentioned, we will be discussing the role of respect for healthy and long term relations.

Respect can also be explained by two possibilities: First, we respect someone because they have done nothing to deny them the respect and second because they have done something to gain that respect.The second type of respect is harder to give and gain, but there are some people who deserve that respect and its a topic for later.

Nevertheless respecting someone, builds the trust and companionship between the relationship. Not only respecting the person, but also their choices and their values are important, not every one have same beliefs but everyone has the right to have their own values and choices in which they believe.

We may not agree with their values, decision, choice and the boundary but we should respect these things as we wish them to do with ours. There are certain aspects of ourselves we do not want to share with others as they are too much personal or do not concerned with others likewise others may also want the same.

Accepting such occurrences, gives the person some space to think and appreciate your bond much more than just forcing them to tell you everything. Even if you know don’t like or understand their decision, tell them your thoughts about it but don’t expect to change their decision on the basis of your experience and accept their final decisions.

When we do not respect the person with whom we have a relation with then the foundation of that relation becomes weak and unstable. We cannot care or love for someone who we do not respect and that relation will not work for a long time.

There are many such qualities required for building healthy relations which will be discussed in later posts.


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