Do you believe in soul?

Many people of the our generation do not believe in the concept of  having a soul or may not understand its meaning. Our generation need scientific proof to believe something.

So, I hope this post may clear the meaning of soul and somewhat of its concept. Firstly, we shall start with one of the basic scientific principle:

“energy can neither be created nor can be destroyed” and ” it can only be changed from one form to another “

Human body needs energy and also produce energy continuously which converts into heat. The normal body temperature of a body is higher than the room temperature but due the fact that it is internal heat we do not feel it consciously.

This energy required to function the body is soul. Soul is nothing but a form of energy. When someone die, their body feels cold to us but in fact their body has room temperature. As mentioned earlier, we continuously produce energy and heat  so our body temperature is always higher than room temperature and therefore the dead body which loses its heat and it feels cold to us.

As our ancestors said that soul can’t be destroyed, it just changes its form and body. It is true because the energy released by the dead body will take place into another being, thus there is always constant energy in the world, also representing life and death equilibrium. Our ancestors were not misleading , they just have a different way of sayings than our generation. Its a matter of perspective rather than debate.




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