Early birds and night owls

There is always a question whether early rising makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. When someone is starting to get a healthy life, the first thought is wake up early without knowing the actual source of the saying.

There are two types of people in this world- “the early bird” and “night owl”.
The early riser’s source of energy and motivation comes from the sun. Likewise, the night thinker’s energy and motivation come from the moon. Everyone is connected to natural elements and receive indirect energy from these elements.

These elements have their special characteristics according to their nature. Sun represents cheerful, sunny, energized and bright attributes whereas the Moon represents calmness, soothing, stability, imagination, thinking.

These elements also act as a spiritual guide. Their energy relates to our base energy and connects with our soul. Some feel good to be in the Sun, while some likes to be with Moon.

Both the elements are healing sources necessary for the life cycle of our earth and our body. Everyone has a unique connection to their respecting healing source and they can also have the capabilities of healing and be improving our mental health.

Everyone must experience these elements at least once to feel the healing process, just identifies which is your healing source the Sun or the Moon.

Note: Anyone who wants to know their element, just spend some time in Sun when it is just risen up and also with the moon after its considerably up in the sky. Do this for some days and you will feel which is your element.




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