Not Anymore


Reaching out is the most helpful thing you could do to yourself and the people who love you.

The second memory of you

It was our first meeting. It changed things for both of us because I was not prepared for you and you were too prepared for us. The second memory of you: I didn’t know, an act of kindness will lead you to me. I didn’t realize the effect it will make on us. I saw... Continue Reading →

About Me

This is just a random post about myself, who and what I am as a person. There is not much information about myself on social media platforms or the website. So here we are. I don’t know if anyone wants to know these things or not but let’s go with the positive one. I am... Continue Reading →

The first memory of you

The voice that interrupted the arguments of a couple, the integrity of that voice grabbed the attention away from silly talks. The choice and intention of doing the right things in the voice pause my steps....


We should let everyone make their own choice. We perceive that some things might hurt our loved ones then we make the choice for them thinking it is better for them not to know about those things. We can be wrong in presuming that it might hurt them, or they will not forgive us. Even... Continue Reading →

That feeling

We all get excited when we meet someone. We get nervous about an upcoming event, sad about leaving a loved place. All those feelings are about what things or places we have known in our life. But there is also a feeling for unknown, like feeling about things or places you have never visited or... Continue Reading →

Those Moments

There are those moments when we are too vulnerable and weak to care about what others think. We just need someone to lean on and comfort us when it’s too difficult to handle. The strongest person can have weak moments too, they might not show it often but you need to look beyond the facade... Continue Reading →

Those we call friends

We all have friends for sharing emotions, having fun, getting coffee or doing gossips. Sometimes we overestimate that friendship and expect more than they can offer. We try to build more friendship than what they are capable of giving us. Some people can’t offer what we want or need. For some people friendship means fun... Continue Reading →

The letter I will never send

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you. I know I always say that but it is not enough to explain how much I wanted you with me, how much I yearn for your company whenever something happens. We always talk to each other, I always ask how your day went, but I... Continue Reading →

Missing Parts

Have you ever felt that when we give our love to so many people, it does exhaust us to some extent? Loving people is not an easy task, it needs courage, wiliness to get hurt and being vulnerable to someone else. We love everyone differently as we connect differently with different people. We give a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Vocalize Everything

Today everyone feels the need to vocalize their thoughts on everything, like it is their fundamental right. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but you don’t have to share that with other people. Social media is giving many people a chance to grow and learn something without putting themselves out, but it also... Continue Reading →

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